My Gut Biome Results

-My uBiome results (from a stool sample)

(Yes, I mailed them my poop)


"Changes in the ratio of Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes correlates with obesity[5].

Genomic sequencings of bacterial rRNA from mice and human reveal the correlation between obesity and relative amount of these two bacterial phyla[6]. A high-fat diet promotes an increase of Firmicutes and relative reduction of Bacteroidete. The shift in dominating bacteria promotes more effective caloric intake that leads to the gaining of weight and obesity[5,6]. Likewise, when obese individual shift to a fat-restricted diet and body weight decreases, an increase of Bacteroidetes is observed[6]. This evidence suggests that an increase of Firmicutes and decrease of Bacteroidetes contribute to obesity and confirms the role of gut microbiota in regulating fat metabolism."

Looks like I have way more Firmicutes than I should, so gut bacteria is something I will be working on re-balancing in the near future.